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Culturally Sustaining School Counseling

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Becoming a more culturally sustaining person and professional isn’t easy. It is a challenging but rewarding and exciting lifelong journey. “Culturally Sustaining School Counseling” guides you in improving the culturally sustaining nature of your school counseling program. By working through the exercises and activities in this book, you’ll discover and/or further develop cultural strengths and assets within yourself, your students, your stakeholders, your school counseling program and the community. By tapping the cultural strengths and wisdom available in your school and community; building culturally sustaining collaborative relationships with students and stakeholders; and advocating for more inclusive and equitable policies, practices, opportunities, resources and access, you can enrich the rigor and relevance of the school experience while increasing student success. Aligned with the four components of the ASCA National Model – Define, Manage, Deliver, Assess – this publication walks you through all aspects of your school counseling program and lets you and your stakeholders delve into what you’re doing right and what you could improve to become a more culturally sustaining program.
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