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School Counselor Resource Series: Teaching Mindsets & Behaviors Through Physical Activity

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It is no surprise that physical activity improves overall health. However, in addition to its physical benefits, school counselors can also use physical activity to promote positive academic and social/emotional development. Updated in 2019 to align with the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors, this publication contains 12 lessons to incorporate physical activity into your school counseling core curriculum with students in grades 4-8. Lessons cover: Lesson 1 – Respecting Each Other: We’re all Different Lesson 2 – Teamwork: Nonverbal Communication Lesson 3 – Effort: Where Hard Work Meets Fun Lesson 4 – Cooperation: Working Hard Together Lesson 5 – Showing your Strengths Together Lesson 6 – Caring for Others Lesson 7 – Self-Direction: Dare Yourself to Look Silly Lesson 8 – Cheering on Your Teammates Lesson 9 – Including Others Lesson 10 – Finding Your Voice as an Individual and Group Lesson 11 – Leading Others: Your Turn to Take Ownership Lesson 12 – The Power of the Group
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