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School Counselor Resource Series: Mastering Test Anxiety

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Test-taking skills are important assets that help individuals flourish and excel in school and beyond, but many students struggle with test anxiety. Learning relaxation techniques and strategies to reframe tests as opportunities will help students go from surviving in school to thriving. This Resource Series publication contains a comprehensive 12-week curriculum including lesson plans, suggestions and reproducible materials for use with a group or class. Updated in 2019 to align with the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors. Lessons include: Week 1: Getting Started Week 2: Setting SMART(ER) Goals Week 3: Regulating Anxiety Week 4: Systematic Desensitization Week 5: Math Magic Week 6: A Welcome Challenge Week 7: Visualizing Success Week 8: Plan B is Sometimes Plan A Week 9: Mastering Study Skills and Mastering Anxiety Week 10: Putting It all Together Week 11: Final Opportunities Week 12: Celebrating Success
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